Lost: our little stuffed bear called Babybear

(our beloved little teddy bear)



Summer 2009 we had a wonderfull holiday in West Canada. On our way back to Amsterdam we made a stop-over in beautiful Chicago for 3 days. When we arrived at O’Hare my daughter Elodie (7 years old then) forgot her ‘buddy” Babybear in the plane. To date we are still looking for this babybear.


Babybear was her companion, her soulmate, her lovey that gave comfort when needed, trust when necessary, joy when they were playing and peace when my daughter was restless. Babybear was not just a stuffed animal. Babybear still is, though absend, a familymember, loved by every-one that knows her. A bear with a heart, with a positive energy.





Babybear was her companion


Since Babybear got lost my daughters life has not been the same. Though it is a while ago (she got lost on august 12, 2009) we still miss her all the time, we talk about her a lot and we look at her pictures many times because we miss her so much. Who would have believed that the loss of a stuffed animal, 8 inches tall, would bring so much grieve. This feeling is so intense as if we have lost a real living familymember.  We hope you can imagine how we feel. If it was an animal or a person you would go out there and probably still alive, you would go searching and do everything to find him or her.

Babybear is not ‘alive’ for other people, but for us she sort of is.



Our lost Babybear taking the phone


Babybear is approx. 8 inches tall, off-white coloured, a red ribbon around her neck and her tummy, arms and legs are filled with little beads (or something like that). She has cute little black eyes.





--- Our lost Teddybear in the snow  ---


On the second of September we had an article published in the Chicago Tribune. We had some beautiful reactions and lucky for us: United Airlines called us (it is impossible to reach their ‘lost and found’ department) and I emailed them a few pictures and they did a search, at O’Hare, but also in the cities the plane flew to after it was in Chicago. Bad luck, Babybear was not found. So we are sure she was found by another passenger and as this is such a lovely and cute little bear, we are sure some-one took her home. The plane in which Babybear was forgotten flew from Chicago to Des Moines, on to Denver and then to Santa Barbara. We have a strong feeling that Babybear, our daughters lovey, was found on that last flight and that she is now living in or around Santa Barbara. We have tried many things to get Babybear back, so that our daughter can stop grieving for her lost sweet and special little Babybear.



Will our lost babybear be at home to celebrate X-mas?


If you know who found our lost teddybear or where she is right now, please let us know as soon as possible.


Our emailaddress is:



Thanks from ours hearts!

Eveline Muusers




Our lost Teddybear resting! Where is she resting now????